I am always impressed with New York City.

In Manhatten, everything seems larger than life. The buildings loom gigantic in the sky, the billboards create a fairytale sidewalk and the shops spill open with the most wondrous wares.

It really doesn’t matter how many times I visit, the energy in this city is intense and invigorating. I am infused with just enough inspiration to leave me feeling rejuvenated and alive.  And Manhatten is simply spectacular!

This is a city of faces from all over the world. A city that never stops moving; constant animation awash with the rhythms of humanity. It reminds you of your humanity too.

If you want a boost, a reminder that you are part of a stream of anonymous beings moving along on the way somewhere, then Manhatten is definitely the place to visit. Invest in some great walking shoes. Spend a few hours. Let yourself be lost in the awe of it all.

Do it.