Blue skies. Jet skies. Coconuts and fishermen floating down the Volta. Barbecues. Boat rides and buffets. A day of perfect memories at  the Aqua Safari Resort , Ada.

Sunny with a slight breeze, the Tema -Accra motorway was empty of travellers. I settled into the rhythms of the road, taking in the beauty of another morning in Ghana. This is Volta country; verdant, scenic and lush.

A couple of hours later, we came off the motorway. Much as I tried, I couldn’t quite envisage a “Safari” out here past the dry, muddied roads.

But there she was. Grand and graceful like something out of a picture book. Ada Aqua Safari  filled me with wonder at first sight. I gasped at the beautiful foyer shaped like the back end of an enormous boat.

It was unbelievable. A modern and stylish getaway  tucked away here in rural Ada , only a couple of  hours from Accra.  It cost nothing to walk in so I did, to welcoming smiles and a sunny facade.

I was mesmrized by the polished wooden chalets, water features  and exquisitely designed furniture.

Outside in the landscaped  gardens,  the bird sanctuary caught me by surprise. Children gathered round to watch the  birds preen themselves amid the growing excitement. 

Lunch was grilled croaker,  fried yam chips and a drink of freshly squeezed pineapple juice.  A mango smoothie  for desert- sweet,  cold and refereshing.

 The jet skies and boat rides were popular with everyone and I opted for both.Pleasurably drenched and completely thrilled, I watched the landscape open up.

Down the banks,  pretty homes and gazebos jutted out, mixed in with  small fishing communities. We continued  along the river till I could just about make out the estuary where the Volta river flows into the Atlantic.

It was a fantastic day and an unforgettable one. Of all the memories, the  best one will remain the picture of the  Volta – gleaming like a sapphire in the sun.


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