His paintings adorn the walls of art collectors and galleries all over the world. His work is admired by statesmen and enthusiasts far and wide. On a perfect  day in August, I found myself  in the company of Gbolade Omidiran- artist of great talent and extraordinary success.


A graduate of the Fine Arts department of the Obafemi Awolowo university in the 90s, Omidiran is a veteran at his craft. His mastery of artistic styles is impressive.

Coral bead. Araisim
Onaism. Oil on velvet

Oshogbo style
Mixed media.

Fiber glass coil and sawdustMarbling. Mirror work. Wood Collage in 3D.


Impasto with palate knife


At his lovely home shared with Abimbola and their two children , Timileyin and Eniola, we talked about his artistic vision and his business world.

Omidiran’s home is revealing. It is a masterful canvas with a myriad of fascinating features.

A little edgy, a little experimental, inspiration is everything.  Omidiran collects fascinating objects and art wherever his travels take him.

Disco lights blinked playfully.A metallic peacock balanced like a sentry. A guitar sat quietly under a radiant blue lagoon.

This is an artist who is not afraid of trying things out; mixing textures, exploring the possibilities and playing creatively  with ideas.

We wandered outside.

Sophisticated and cool, the spacious garden with the shady citrus trees was welcoming. I was instantly captivated. The water sparkled and glittered in the sun.All I wanted to do was sit down .

We talked about many things. I listened intently and laughed at his witty stories collected over the years exhibiting his art around the word. I had just one question.

How did Omidiran create a profitable business out of a passion for art in a country where many artists struggle to carve a niche for themselves?

His response was clear and unequivocal.

Hardwork. Consistency. Knowing the market. Experimenting with new ideas and most importantly making art that people want to buy.

Art which appeals to the broadest audience.

And in his ultra- modern Arts Gallery, I saw it all.  An uncommon collection of breathtaking paintings in a variety of mediums and styles. Mesmerising.

Keen to hear his responses to my probing questions, Omidiran’s students fanned out around us. Harlimhat, Idowu, Femi, Seyi. Chioma.
“Baba” as they fondly refer to him is a patient and personable teacher.
The ambiance was lively and warm. I felt immediately included in the fluid camaraderie between teacher and acolytes. It made me ponder.

A.R Rahman said: ” success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head”.

Undoubtedly, Omidiran is a success at his art and career. He is also the epitome of grace and humility in his manner and the way he carries himself.

Beyond all the gleaming trappings of commercial success, Omidiran is also successful at the business of humanity. He is practiced at building positive relationships with his clients, his students and the many friends and acquaintances who seek him out.

Gbolade Omidiran makes exquisite art in the home he shares with his beautiful wife Abimbola.  His clients and friends appreciate and celebrate the huge talent that he is even as he continues to evolve.

Awed by his humility and creative genius, I left plotting my return.

The next time, I would leave with one of these exquisite paintings. Afterall, an Omidiran would look great on my walls too.


Visit Omidiran Gallery at Ede Road Ile-Ife.

See Omidiran Artwork for sale here:https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/omidiran-gbolade.html