“Osupa” is the Yoruba word for the “moon”.

I am drawn to the metaphor of the moon. It captures for me both the idea of brilliant illumination and cyclic movement. The idea of movement and change are crucial to our shared identity as human beings and to my identity as a Nigerian living in the diaspora.

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Born and raised in Nigeria but living and working outside Nigeria, Osupa is a personal blog – a way for me (and hopefully others out there) to stay connected to the Nigerian narrative in an honest and subjective way.

I try to write honestly about my experiences in and out of Nigeria; what works for me, how I see my identity as part of a larger collection of people.

Further along the line, I hope Osupa will evolve, creating new collaborations and initiatives.
I hope other people can hop along, contribute and share their experiences and insights.




As a visual freak, a poet and an avid traveler with an interest in tropical foods, Osupa also  provides me an opportunity to share some of my passions through pictures and photographs.

As these things go, my expressions of what I see, feel, hear and think will burst to the surface now and again through poetry-they will be shared too!

It would be lovely if you could leave comments about anything which catches your attention from the multitude of fragments which I share with you.







Thanks for visiting.

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