Big, bold forms in dazzling colour depict human emotions and activity with a skilful touch. A subtle bled of colours set within a collaboration of  creative themes. The work of Emmanuel Anaiye Ifebunmi – the DWebArtist -Web consultant and contemporary Nigerian artist.

DWebartist exemplifies an emerging new breed. A wave of exciting, talented, vibrant, young Nigerians. Men and women in all spheres of work: Music, Media, Film, Literature, Culinary Arts,  Ict,  Online Retail and Contemporary Visual Arts. Despite the odds,  these individuals are making things happen and successfully pursuing their passions.
They have totally embraced the digital world. King and queens of social media, they completely understand the access to information and the global audience it brings. They  own their businesses and market their products. They are experimental and creative with an astute business mind., They are confident, resilient and work twice as hard as everybody else. Like his contemporaries, Emmanuel’s vision for himself and his artistic ambitions are far reaching and constantly evolving .

Who is DWebartist?
Emmanuel’s passion for art was reignited in the ancient town of Ile-Ife. In 2012, he worked under the tutorage of the great artist and teacher Mr Gbolade Omidiran. This was the  unveiling. The world of serious, contemporary art was a revelation. Galleries. Exhibitions. Collectors. Professional artists. The beauty, creativity and the endless  possibilities opened up.

Of what inspires him, Emmanuel says: “It flows through my veins as I create  art that connects with my thoughts.”

This synchronised  dynamism between observation, ideas, expression and the creation of art is one which ensures that Dwebartist makes art  nonstop.  Working with acrylic on canvas, wood  and plastic collage, Dwebartist has a growing clientele and a compelling gallery of work.

And there is more.

Versatility is the new golden skill required in this ever changing and unpredictable world. In a country like Nigeria, where self help is usually the only help you get, these young entrepreneurs understand the power of being versatile and adaptable. DwebArtist is no exception.
Emmanuel is  CEO of EclubHost, a web consultant outfit highly sought after for its professional services and expertise in  website development and support.

EclubHost works with online business start ups, bloggers, artists and anyone who wants  to create a bespoke website to reach a wider audience.
This actually is how I met Emmanuel. In 2014. needed a mobile platform. DWebartist took up the challenge.

How we fill the hours each day is crucial. For most of us, we work in order to look after ourselves and our responsibilities. Sometimes we are lucky to have a choice in what work we do and  then work becomes a deeply fulfilling experience.

The consistent pattern for these young entrepreneurs is the passion with which they are driven in what they do. To choose to make a living as a contemporary artist in Nigeria takes guts. It is inspiring to see  what sheer belief, talent and tenacity can achieve.

As Tom Landry observed: “being the best at whatever talent you have, that’s what stimulates life. It is clear from this amazing array of art that Dwebartist is doing what he does best. His talent speaks to us from every piece.


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